Review Insights

Upon completion of reviews, a detailed report is generated that is viewable according to your role. It gives you a summary of completed review with detailed breakdowns. The report also shows you Pros, Cons and General comments without peer identities.

Detailed Review Insight
Employee Review Analysis

Individual Insights

All employees have their own profile pages, which is accessible based on organization's hierarchy. Profile page has all the employee information with past review details in both visual and tabular format. This page also has all the past trainings and skill-sets of the employees.

Company Wide Analysis

You can visually analyze and compare company wide performance. Our super-simple interactive graphs let you select custom timeline or different reviews so you can focus on things you want to focus on. You can compare individual performance within a department and also compare one department with others. Managers can also analyze their teams.

Company Wide Analysis - Line Chart
Company Wide Analysis - Bar Chart

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