Ver - 2.1
1st March 2011

Mattherhorn Release
Learn about Matterhorn

Company Newsfeed

Stay up-to-date with latest company announcements, personal updates, team changes, promotions and employee achievements.

Recognize Hard-work

Give public kudos to recognize others for their support and hard-work.

Real-time Feedback

Employees can now ask or give feedback directly or anonymously to anyone at anytime.

Detailed Review Report

Now employees can drill deeper to see how they were rated on each question and see comments against them.

Open-Ended Questions

You can add open-ended questions to get more descriptive feedback.

Ver - 2.0
25th December 2010

K-2 Release
Learn about mountain K-2

Shinning new interface

Our new interface will make your experience more easy, simple and beautiful.

Personal Dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard will give you a complete overview of your progress and all tasks which are assigned to you like Reviews, Goals, Feedbacks, etc.

Company Dashboard

Company and Team dashboard gives you a complete overview of all goals and reviews for employees, teams, departments or entire company.

Admin Dashboard

Administration can see all the details of a company’s review process. In ‘Admin Dashboard’, administrators can see the total number of departments, job titles, employees, review questions and review templates which are currently active in the system.

Improved Bulk Upload & Instant Setup

You can now easily setup your departments, job titles and employee information with new improved bulk upload.

New Interactive Tool to Add/Manage Departments & Job Titles

Now you can visually add and edit departments or job titles in our new interactive tool.

Enhanced Organization Chart

You can now browse the organization hierarchy both in the form of departments as well as employees

Ver - 1.2
26th October 2010

Goals Management

Achieve more goals

We have a unique collaborative goals management process where managers and their reports work together to achieve more goals.

Goal Management

You can easily manage and track your personal and your team’s goals.

Peer Feedback

This feature allows Managers to get peer feedback on employee’s goal progress.

Goal Analysis

Managers and Executives can easily analyze individual, department or company level goals with our interactive reports.

New Review Template from Inc.com

Along with our existing review templates we have added a new review template created by Inc.com

Ver - 1.1
5th August 2010

New One-Click Review Creation Process

We have created a new One-click process which will truly automate your reviews and simplify your review creation process.

Review Management Made More Powerful

New tools like Draft mode and others are added so you have even more control over reviews.

New Time Based Graph

New Time-based report is created to give you a quick overview for employee’s review score relative to the review period so you have better insights.

Improved Analytics

Now tools like ranking and sorting are added to interactive reports.

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