Continuous, real-time and 360 degree performance evaluation provides

deep employee Insight for executives and managers, which leads to

better decision making, which leads to

higher company growth

How WorkforceGrowth helps Evaluate Employees?

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are one of the most important aspects of an organization. They are the best way to provide feedback to the employees and for the employees to know how well they are performing their assigned tasks and duties. WorkforceGrowth provides an easy performance review management system that helps you understand your employees better and determine their training needs.

Performance Reviews
360 Degree Feedback

Making 360 degree Feedback

360 degree review transforms one-way review into a two way review process ensuring end-to-end accountability and feedback. Based on your company hierarchy and setup, making any review a 360 degree review is just one check-box away.You can automatically make 360 degree review for individuals or for the entire department. Our 360 degree review also work for inter-department employees, thus giving you one more excuse to use it. You also have the option to make self-reviews either mandatory or not.

Team/Peer Reviews

Sometimes 360 degree review is not the requisite of the company or at least for the time being. In such case, you can opt for top down reviews or team/peer reviews to review your employees performance. WorkforceGrowth allows you to design your reviews according to your company’s requirements.

Team and Peer performance reviews
Realtime Feedback

Real-Time Feedback

Employees can ask or give feedback directly or anonymously from or to anyone at any time. In addition, they can also directly ask for feedback on specific topics or tasks from their managers or team members. Feedback can be positive, neutral or a suggestion.

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