Weighted Reviews

Assign Weightages

Your can assign weightages to review questions along with an option to make those weightates visible to reviewers or not. The weightage can be Question-specific (individual weightage for each question) and/or Respondent Role-Based (different weightage to managers/self/peer reviews). What does it achieve? Simply put - a much more Fair Review system!

Creating Weighted Review Template - Question Weightages Creating Weighted Review Template - Weightages by Role
Customized Rating Scales

Customize Rating Scales

WorkforceGrowth gives you the option to assign to your rating scale numerical values (i.e. 1-5, 2-10, 20-100 etc.) and a descriptive text for you own choice. You can even choose to show either of them. So you can fill in the five rating fields with literally any text. Well practically speaking, anything that makes your appraisal forms look good.

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